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Strictly sinned

  •  September 20, 2020

The color was not used in feed for obvious reasons. Until it happened to be. Now, we see more and more foods with this color. Like the news coming from Los Angeles: meet the black ice cream.

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In color psychology, in relation to food, it is not recommended.

But as we live in contesting times, behold, the color black has been emerging on the menus.

First it was in Asia, coloring hamburger buns from fast food chains - see here.

Now the trend wins the world.

Especially Los Angeles in the United States.

It's in the movie capital that is Little Damage Ice Cream Shop.

The ice cream shop has gained queues and repercussions on social networks with the new almond-charcoal flavor.

In Portuguese, it would be something like “almond coal”.

The different shade is achieved thanks to the use of activated carbon in its formula.

The house offers different toppings, which ensures even more appetizing images.

And the chocolate cone guarantees more likes in the photos that populate the social networks.

Want to take your picture?

If you're in Los Angeles, ask Uber to call 700 South Spring St.

Following are some images of this sin strictly.


ice cream

ice cream

HAVE I SIN (September 2020)