Stress on a snake massage

  •  April 5, 2020

Feeling afraid is not the most common way to relax, but an Indonesian spa offers snake massage to ease tension and let go of everyday worries. The idea is that when people are in danger they cannot think of routine issues, but at the moment they are living.

Jakarta's Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa reports that snake movement triggers an adrenaline rush, positively impacting clients' metabolism. However, experts in conventional relaxation techniques warn that adrenaline is released when someone is stressed and has several negative effects on the body.

That's because when confronted with a stressful situation, such as being covered by snakes, the body releases adrenaline and other substances that increase heart rate, raise blood pressure and provide energy. This way, the technique only makes people even more tense. Still, curious people are not short of testing the method.

Snake Massage Aims To Release Stress (April 2020)