Stimulation Tasting

  •  May 31, 2020

The senses contribute to perfect the taste. By opening your mouth and closing your eyes, you can enjoy a meal with your whole body. For exploring this universe, a sensory dinner harmonizes flavors, emotions and music.

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With gadget distractions, few can enjoy a meal without worrying about the Wi-Fi signal.

When you eat fast and keep an eye on your cell phone, it's easy to lose control.

The food even seems tasteless.

And, distracted, we form the distorted perception about the size of the portions we eat.

But often losing weight only means reducing the spoonfuls of what you normally eat by 30% to 50%.

To help exercise this control and develop perception through the senses, the Sensory Lab - In the Dark Labs is promoting Sensory Dinner.

The feature of this event is to serve the menu in the dark.

That is, the guests participate blindfolded.

The next meeting will be on June 29th, in São Paulo.

As a theme, the Sensory Dinner will use Bossa Nova and chanson française to pack the tasting of stimuli - tactile, sound, taste, olfactory and proprioceptive.

Among the ingredients of the dishes, textures and harmonizations will be used to activate the imagination. And all seasoned by the atmosphere of the 60s.

To sharpen the experience, the restaurant chosen was Tartar & Co., which bears the signature of chef Erick Jacquin - currently on the MasterChef Brazil program.

The seats for the event are already on sale, for 230 reais per person, through the Livepass site - click here.

Mechanism Of Taste Reception (May 2020)