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Steering Wheel Hormones

  •  August 13, 2020

Steering Wheel Hormones

Women are better drivers than men, and the numbers can prove it. But new study reveals that on some days of the month, everything can change. And the cause is hormones.

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There are days when parking in a tight spot requires little movement.

And others where putting the car in the same space takes much longer.

According to a new study, it is the fault of the calendar.

Men's behavior is guided by stable testosterone levels.

He is responsible for the male tendency to drive faster and take more risks.

Already we women are affected by hormones that vary in levels throughout the month.

The hormones estrogen and progesterone not only prepare the female body for reproduction.

They have a huge effect on all our behavior - including driving skills.

During menstruation, estrogen levels drop and testosterone levels rise.

A greater presence of testosterone is associated with a greater ability to judge space and distance.

For this reason, for a few days we feel that we can park anywhere in the world.

And indeed we did it!

The study was published in the scientific journal Behavioral Neuroscience.

Austin & Houston Based Bioidentical Hormones Expert Phyllis Okereke, M.D. (August 2020)