Start the day with good examples

  •  September 20, 2020

Start the day with good examples

We learned a lot from looking at the example of successful people. And early on - literally. Infographic reveals habits that these personalities do on waking up.

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In the routine of successful people, we can identify patterns of behavior that are true lessons.

And it starts early.

That's because how you spend the first few minutes of the business day determines how productive the journey will be.

Business Insider has compiled 16 habits that successful people do in the first 10 minutes of work.

For example, they are comfortable adjusting the chair and setting the table by placing the most commonly used items in front of them.

They also prioritize the most important tasks of the day, reflecting and pausing to realign their actions.

Stretching, visualizing what to do, dealing with distractions, rejecting negativity, encouraging staff, and showing gratitude are also on this list.

The content is in English.

Of course, you can take the task of translating short texts as an exercise to better memorize the teachings contained therein.

Nothing better for you to start the week, right?


Use Google Translate to help with the task: Translate helps you memorize

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