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Star Diet

  •  April 9, 2020

Diet of the stars

Astrology is not a science, but it amuses me. And sometimes we really want to believe, don't we? Believing, for example, that the chart can help identify the habits and foods that best match our ultimate goal: losing weight.

I always liked signs and horoscopes. I find it fun to think that I am emotional, restless, intuitive, persistent, excellent hostess and have a good memory for being cancer. Astrology books, even when they make mistakes, help me think about people's behavior. I just don't accept listening to people who complain about life blaming the stars. Like saying you'll never win on your diet by "loving a good table, like every taurine." To disarm this kind of talk, I researched a series of tips so that "Pluto" never justifies "Glutton."

Have fun reading and share your sign!


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