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Spinach with cherry tomatoes

  •  August 13, 2020

Spinach with cherry tomatoes

How about a soup today? In addition to a great winter option, this is an idea that feeds and even helps you lose weight. It is best to make a lighter broth option, like this brodo.

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In winter, the cold tightens.

To maintain the ideal temperature, the body can spend about 150 more calories.

It is best to give a force to this body effort by favoring warmer dishes such as soup.

However, do not give in to creams that often use sour cream in the preparation.

It is best to ensure lighter versions of soups such as broths - also called brodo, which has Italian origin.

As tradition dictates, brodo is obtained by cooking meat and vegetables, without forgetting the taste guaranteed by functional ingredients such as garlic and pepper.

The following recipe is ready in one hour and 20 minutes and yields three servings, with 110.9 Kcal each.

Spinach with cherry tomatoes

Spinach with cherry tomatoes


2 liters of water
½ kg of bovine muscle
1 onion
4 cloves garlic
1 leek
1 celery
4 whole black peppers
1 strand of olive oil
Spinach to taste
Cherry tomatoes to taste
Salt to taste


Method of preparation

In a large saucepan sauté the garlic and onion with the drizzle of olive oil.
Add the meat and saute some more.
Add salt, leeks, celery and whole peppers.
Put a liter of water and bring to a boil over low heat.
Open the pan to remove impurities with a ladle every 20 minutes.
Let it cook for an hour.
After this time, add the remaining water and boil another 5 minutes.
Check the salt.
To serve, place the brodo on the plate.
Place the cherry tomatoes and spinach on top.
These ingredients will cook with the heat of the broth.

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