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  •  April 15, 2021

spicy application

To keep fit even while traveling and facing campaign commitments, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton revealed her secret: one raw jalapeño pepper a day. And you, have courage?

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As a feature of life in democracy, politicians have their lives scrutinized in detail by opponents and the media.

Especially women, who still suffer from physical appearance vigilance.

So keeping fit in the campaign is a challenge.

Which gets bigger by the irregular hours, the long trips, the little sleep and the temptation of the snacks, always at hand to break the branch in the hungry hours.

An imbalance in the balance suggests a person who cannot order his own life, which raises doubts as to the competence in ordering the lives of millions of people.

In the United States, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton surprises her opponents not only for her ideas and stance, but for maintaining her weight in such adverse conditions.

Your secret is the pepper.

A fan of walking, which helps to de-stress and maintain fast metabolism, Hillary also dribbles the extra pounds with bites on raw red peppers.

His favorite is jalapeño.

We have already seen that peppers have analgesic, energy, digestive, antioxidant and vasodilatory qualities.

But what matters most to us is its thermogenic power.

Capsaicin (the substance responsible for the spicy taste of peppers) induces fat cell death (oxidation process), decreasing the accumulated volume in different parts of the body - including the belly.

It also increases the activation of brown adipose tissue, known to accelerate metabolism and hence the burning of calories by the body.

If you are not campaigning, and want to adopt the former First Lady's presidential tip, you don't have to eat whole peppers.

To start counting on its benefits, simply rely on the ingredient most often in the diet.

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