Speaking the same language

  •  March 28, 2020

Speaking the same language

When we are sad, they make us happy. Doesn't it seem like your dog reads thoughts? Now, thanks to the recently launched invention, the opposite will be possible. Get ready to brainstorm with your best friend.

The dialogue we have with our pets on the basis of sensitivity is about to evolve. Sweden was launched the No More Woof (something like “No more grunting”): the first device that can “read” the thinking of animals. This amazing outfit looks out of science fiction movies. Through a headset adapted to the dog's head, he uses sensors to capture brainwaves and translate canine thoughts into words.

But don't expect a very philosophical conversation with your furry friend. The words and phrases are simple, and represent different sensations experienced by dogs in their daily lives. Expressions like "I love it," "Leave me alone," "Who are you?" And "Hey, where are you going?" Are on the menu, which uses technologies like electroencephalograms to translate those mean looks - and now can.

The simplest version of the equipment, launched in trial version, costs about 150 reais and is capable of identifying only two or three sentences. The more advanced version, almost 300 reais, promises more accurate accuracy in identifying four or more sensations. The creation of the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NCID) foresees soon versions in French, Spanish and, yes, Portuguese.

Speaking the same model language

The device can be used by different races

Here's the video that explains the process.

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