Solidarity Bath

  •  September 23, 2020

Solidarity Bath

In the ritual of every holiday season, we are grateful for the achievements. And we regret the fate of those who experience greater deprivation. Therefore, it is inevitable to be sensitized with stories that highlight the best of people. It is the magic that happens when human beings join solidarity with creativity.

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In African countries we still find most cities without sanitation and suffering from poor hygiene.

These conditions favor contagious diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia to spread easily. In such a risky environment, children are the biggest victims.

Faced with such serious problems, often the solution is simply to wash your hands often.

In South Africa, advertising agency Y&R decided to address the challenge proposed by NGO Blikkiesdorp 4 Hope, which serves settlements in the Cape Town region.

To reduce the incidence of disease and educate children about hygiene habits, Hope Soap was created.

It is a bar of soap that contains a toy inside. The only way to reach it is to lather up to the end.

With the right incentive, the results didn't take long to appear. In a few months, the diseases were reduced by more than 70% on site. The campaign won two Silver Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival in 2014 - the only ones in the country at the awards.

When ideas flow, we can do everything.

Developing a culture of change has to do with the personal challenges we face.

Positivity, creativity, courage and focus on you seems like a good formula.

Solidarity Bath

To stimulate hygiene toys were placed inside the soaps

Solidarity Bath

The idea is that to reach the toy, you have to use the soap until the end

Solidarity Bath

The campaign was able to reduce disease by 70%

Solidarity Bath

Respiratory infections reduced by 75%


The case presented, with what was done and what was achieved

Check out the following video how the campaign was conducted.