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Soldier's Diet

  •  April 6, 2020

War Diet

One of the greatest enemies of an army is a weak soldier. But conditions do not always make it possible to prepare a balanced meal for the troops. To fit needs and cultures, look at the war on hunger on the front.

As Napoleon said, a troop marches on its stomach. In addition to providing nutrients that keep soldiers agile and strong, a good meal can be an extra motivation. So scientists and nutritionists from different countries are constantly working to minimize feed volume, increase their efficiency, make them last longer and taste a little bit more tasty.

Most servings have 1,300 calories. With bars and supplements, American soldiers in Iraq got the 5,000 calories a day needed for combat.

In Afghanistan, multinational troops in the country donated their day-long food for a charity dinner. At the time, the most popular ration was that of the Italian army. In addition to the refined taste, participants were surprised to find a dose of grappa.

Here's how the world's soldiers feed.


Diet of the German Ration War

The German army kit comes with gel and powdered citrus fruit sachets to add water, Italian biscotti, liver pate and wholemeal bread, ready-made potato goulash and, for breakfast, cherry and apricot jellies.

United States

American Ration Soldier Diet

At the time of the ranch, the American infantry has wholemeal almond cake, dried cranberries, non-alcoholic apple cider, peanut butter and cream cracker cookies ahead. For main course, there is pasta with vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce.


Diet of the ration soldier of Spain

Representative of the Mediterranean diet, the Iberian army relies on the canned ribs of green beans with meat, squid in vegetable oil and pates. There are also vegetable soup sachets and peach puree for dessert. It also includes vitamin C, glucose supplements, water purifying filters and whey powder.


Diet of the Estonian ration soldier

To alleviate homesickness, stuffed peppers, chicken pate, liver sausage with potatoes guarantee a reinforced and very typical Estonian cuisine menu for the children of the distant homeland. For breakfast there is granola, fruit puree and honey.


Diet of the French ration soldier

In terms of gastronomy, the French army has a reputation to protect. It does so by supplying its soldiers with pâté, cassoulet with duck confit, pork in creole sauce and, for dessert, chocolate flan. For breakfast, coffee, granola and caramels Dupont d'Isigny.


Diet of the Italian ration soldier

A favorite of the public, the Italian soldiers' ration features a shot of 40% alcohol brandy, cappuccino, biscotti, pasta, bean soup, canned meat and rice salad. The dessert is cereal bars and fruit salad.


Soldier's Diet

The Viking troop seems to carry the least weight. It has Earl Gray tea, beans and bacon in tomato sauce, Tabasco pepper, carbohydrate gel, oatmeal cookies and Rowntree’s Tooty Frooties.

United Kingdom

Soldier's Diet

The Queen's army provides its soldiers with a "griffon" kit, highlighting brands such as Kenco coffee, Typhoo tea and Tabasco pepper. The main course is chicken tikka masala or vegetarian pasta. For breakfast there are sausages and beans, as well as mashed fruits, candies and snacks, such as chestnut mix.

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