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Social network for two

  •  April 5, 2020

that hug

Remember when he promised you the world? Now it's easy, with a social network just for you. Thousands of kilometers or simply stuck in traffic, with this app you and your better half are always connected.

The Avocado app (avocado) is like a social network for two. Through it, the couple can exchange messages, photos, videos and what every relationship needs, such as sharing a calendar with alarms and shopping lists, for example.

So our life becomes increasingly robotic and distant, right? With that in mind, Avocado offers the functions of kissing and hugging. The operation is simple, and tries to keep the minimum of human heat in the virtual contacts. In the case of kissing, you just have to do it right: kiss the photos right on the screen. And for a hug, with the app running and the camera facing you, press your smartphone to your chest. At this time the phone vibrates and records the message it was sent from. On the other hand, the loved one has the option to return the affection at a distance.

The device is simple but powerful in activating what we know by affinity. When we are lost or in stressful situations, we always seek warmth with the person with whom we most have affinity. That is, in the digital age, this app rescues emotions that tend to get lost between bank messages and impersonal chats. With Avocado, when the situation hits, do the same. Press the phone to your chest and get that hug!

That hugWith simple interface, Avocado is a social network for twoSocial network for twoWhen the distance tightens, send kisses and hugs onlineUtilities for the always connected coupleUtilities for the always connected couple

Watch following the release video.

Social Networks for Two (April 2020)