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Smile! App prints and sends photos at no charge

  •  April 5, 2020

Smile! Even more with app prints and sends photos at no charge

Digital photos are practical and fast. But your forgetfulness, too. To avoid the hassle of selecting, recording, and printing images on your smartphone, an app has arrived that does it for you. And without charge. Want to see it to believe it?

Before, it was the drawers. Now our most vivid memories are getting lost in the social media timeline. For fans of photo albums, or for those who enjoy using snapshots in home decor, the Flag app has arrived.

With this free app you choose 20 photos per month. Those in your profiles on Facebook, Instagram and other networks are worth. Then you simply press the print key that appears on the display. The company promises to print all and send to users at no cost. The paper used for printing is of sustainable origin, but without losing quality.

Initially, the service will be available only in the United States, and should be expanded to other countries (including our Brazil) soon.

Since nothing works for free, the cost of operation will be borne by advertisements that are printed on the backs of the photographs sent. If you don't want business messages with your memories, you can have them for a small fee. Flag was funded through collaborations through the Kickstarter website and will be released in July this year. If you, like me, like selfie photos, you'll enjoy watching this article!

Watch the video featuring the Flag app below.

Kodak's Smile line of Instant Cameras & Printers @CE Week 2019 (April 2020)