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Smart move

  •  August 13, 2020

If choosing an activity, be strictly rational. Without forgetting the brat. Researchers reveal how (and how much) dance makes us smarter.

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Dancing makes us smarter.

So says a new study from the University of Coventry (England).

In it, a group of volunteers completed a series of mental assessments.

This tested decision making, memory and ability to evaluate the speed of moving objects.

Then everyone participated in a 30-minute salsa class.

Over the course of the class, the movements became faster and more complex.

They were then reassessed in the above mentioned tests.

As a result, salsa class increased focus by 13% and comprehension by 8%.

And memory up to 18%.

But why parsley?

Apparently, the Caribbean rhythm is particularly challenging for the mind.

Style forces people to learn and remember new steps for different music patterns while remaining in time with the beat.

Which means they can't lose concentration.

That is, dancing is a physical exercise and also an arduous task for the brain.

It responds to stimuli by becoming more agile and powerful.

And the benefits do not stop there.

Dancing can also make you live longer - read here.

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