Slug gel is good for the skin

  •  July 8, 2020

Slug gel is good for the skin

Mucus-based slug cream is successful in treating the skin. Shoppers hope to be beautiful for the day they cruise Tom Cruise along the way. After all, sales increased after Katie Holmes, the heartthrob's former beauty secret revealed.

Since British friends revealed the actress's habits to the press, interest in this unconventional treatment has increased. To be prepared, manufacturer Holland and Barrett is increasing its inventory of extra demand, as after the rumor sales increased by an astronomical 189%.

The benefits to human skin were discovered by Chilean breeders, noting the healing of small cuts and imperfections in the hands, by manipulating the small creatures that are exported to France, where they are edible.

Slug gel aligns with a range of bizarre cosmetic products, along with snake venom and animal placentas. However, scientists say they are skeptical when analyzing the benefits of the product. To soften the impact of the ingredient list, the manufacturer adds to the formula touches of aloe vera and lemongrass.

Who would have thought that the race for beauty secrets would come as a slug?

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