Slowly and with pleasure

  •  May 28, 2020

slowly and with pleasure

For those who see me fighting fast food, my position on the side of the opposite movement is clear. Slow food is more than being the last to finish the meal. It has to do with preferring to feed the soul first.

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Slow Food is an international movement that encourages you to adhere to a conscious and responsible diet, considering the needs of your body and the planet.

It opposes the fast food culture, so powerful in our time, suggesting that you eat slowly, tasting the food.

To practice, you do not have to join 100%.

The idea is to start, of course, slowly. Make a habit of preparing the whole meal at least once a week with friends and family. Then it is time to serve and enjoy in company all that you have done together.

Pleasure is not only in the feeling of satiety that food brings us.

But also in tasting the food next to those we enjoy.

This tip is from my book 365 Tips for Getting Fit and Happy, which you find at newsstands.

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