Slimming without burning

  •  April 10, 2020

Trying to lose weight? In a study, new medicine made with pepper brings hope by leading to weight loss without contraindications of high consumption of spice.

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Pepper is a thermogenic food.

It raises body temperature, burns fat and leads to weight loss.

But nobody talks about the good amount needed.

And having to keep up a workout routine.

But science has managed to eliminate these obstacles in the process.

With a new medicine called Metabocin.

The drug comes from research at the University of Wyoming (United States).

It is made from capsaicin, the pepper-flavoring compound.

And it has been tested on guinea pigs kept on a high fat diet.

As a result, it has caused long term weight loss.

And improved the metabolic health of animals.

The drug was administered orally.

In the stomach, slowly releases capsaicin throughout the day.

Thus, it exerts its anti-obesity effect without producing inflammation or adverse side effects.

The guinea pigs took the drug for eight months, maintaining weight loss without evidence of ill health.

"We have seen marked improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol, insulin response and symptoms of fatty liver disease."

The explanation is from one of the study authors Dr. Baskaran Thyagarajan.

The truth is Metabocin has reversed many of the detrimental effects of high fat diet.

And that the drug proved to be safe and was well tolerated by the mice.

Now more tests will be done until the use is approved for humans.

Already promising to help people who fight obesity.

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