Sleep better without pajamas

  •  August 9, 2020

For better sleep, studies reveal a trick as effective as simple: just take off your clothes. Find out why.

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Sleeping naked decreases body temperature at night.

This process takes sleep to the deepest stages.

Just what you need to feel really rested, according to research.

An Australian study found that a drop in body temperature is necessary to initiate sleep.

Lower temperatures at night may also favor weight loss.

Cold alters the composition of body fat.

This reduces white fat (associated with obesity).

And it increases brown fat, which burns energy to create heat.

This speeds up metabolism, making it easier to lose weight.

Sleeping nudity also favors what we have below the waistline.

For men and women.

According to a 2015 study, tight underwear increases the temperature around the testicles.

Which potentially impairs fertility.

Among women, sleeping without clothes can help the vagina "breathe."

After all, it is a fact that wearing underwear increases temperature and humidity.

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