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Skinny whipped cream

  •  May 28, 2020

Skinny whipped cream

The regime started today and has already beaten that urge to eat candy. And now? I always liked whipped cream and depriving myself of this delight was difficult. It was because I have now invented a “thin” version that goes too well with fruit.

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If you have a high fat trans food and only bring in empty calories, it is whipped cream.

Created by French gastronomy in the 17th century, the original recipe carried no sugar and resulted in a yellow product because it was made with milk from freely grazing cows.

Today, the whipped cream that comes to our tables is a spray made with vegetable shortening, invert sugar syrup, modified starch, milk protein and salt. That is, nothing recommended for those looking to dry the belly.

Unless you prepare my version.

Beat in a blender a jar of nonfat yogurt, a teaspoon of sweetener and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Apart, beat a clear in snow. Then gently mix with a wooden spoon the beaten yogurt.

Practice, it takes few ingredients and is ready in a few minutes. Just in time to cover your cake or to serve with berries, like in a nice bowl of chopped strawberries.

This recipe is from my book 365 Tips for Getting Fit and Happy, which you find at newsstands. In it you will find many valuable tips for everyday life. Some are recipes that can be eaten freely, because the idea is never to starve in the war on the scales.

Skinny people making whipped cream (May 2020)