Sincerity Detector

  •  September 20, 2020

Can the weather marks be welcomed? New study reveals that people with wrinkles around their eyes are perceived by others as expressions of more sincere people.

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Wrinkles mark the passage of time, so they are not very well received.

But your analysis may bring another insight.

This is what a study by Western (Canada) and Miami (United States) universities reveals.

Apparently, those around the eyes can be perceived as signs of sincerity.

Also known as Duchenne signs, they form around the eyes when we smile.

The more “crow's feet”, the more marked this expression becomes.

To investigate the language of facial expression, scientists tested volunteers.

A group of participants observed photos of people with or without signs of Duchenne.

Initially, different images were shown for each eye.

At this point, the brain alternated between the two, focusing more often on the perceived image most relevant.

Next, participants had to evaluate expressions on a scale that took into account sincerity.

As a result, expressions involving Duchenne were always dominant.

People regarded the smile-marked eyes as the most sincere and intense expressions.

By comparison non-Duchenne expressions, such as the face of someone tense, for example.

Depending on your industry, you may want to discard anti-wrinkle creams.

That's because smiling eyes are also hard to forget.

"If the emotion is more intense, your brain really prefers to bring it into perceptual awareness longer."

The explanation is from one of the authors, Julio Martinez-Trujillo.

The discovery alerts us to how people constantly interpret us.

And it provides evidence of a potential universal language for reading emotions.

Which is a clear sign of the evolutionary process.

Knowing if the strange smile is genuine and whether the person can be trusted tells us whether or not to move away.

The study was published in the journal Emotion.

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