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Silence: working app

Silence: working app
  •  April 6, 2020

Most applications point to where the buzz is. With Stereopublic, you find the exact opposite, with user-recorded sound files: there are already 600 places in 35 cities around the world that offer peace of mind at your fingertips.

In a large city, it is easier to find noise than silence. To combat this pollution and help people find sanity in the middle of the city, New Yorker Jason Sweeney created the Stereopublic app.

He explains that his invention works as an “interactive sound map” where people can “geo-locate” and share the quiet places they find. In addition to triggering the smartphone's GPS, anyone who wants to register a location must record the ambient sound for 30 seconds, which works as both proof and “tasting” for those interested in knowing the indication.

In addition to "stressed out", the app has been especially useful for people on autism and schizophrenia treatment, with greater sensitivity to sound aggression.

Silent Android app installation using MDM (April 2020)