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Shine on your first street race

  •  April 6, 2020

Shine on your first street race

A different race. For starters, it's at night. And the uniform is lamps in the head. It's Energizer Night Run, which takes place in many cities around the world. There are three months left for the Brazil test, in São Paulo. How about you debut with style?

We've been talking about big races here, like chocolate, mud, the sock circuit, the most beautiful marathon in the world and even the (future) first ultra of your life. That is, the conversation has been directed to the most round.

Today, I will highlight an ideal test for beginners. And that, in terms of organization, is in no way owed to the long-haul - for you to debut with brilliance!

It's the Energizer Night Race. This is a global race that takes place annually in 30 cities in 25 countries. In Brazil, the date of 2014 is already set. The start will be at 8 pm on May 25, at USP. As it is nocturnal, the kit has a differential: a flashlight, which should be worn on the head, providing an incredible effect that further animates the participants.

In this event, it is clear that your personal goals are important. But not as much as the cause linked to this race. In association with the NGO One Million Lights, for each application the sponsor donates hours of lighting to rural communities in developing countries. To date, over 30 million hours of light have been guaranteed for needy homes around the world.

The Energizer Night Race offers two distances, 5 km and 10 km. That is, possible goals for those who can handle running at least one hour straight. And it is worth walking when necessary, the important thing is to participate. Three months to go. Visit the official website to secure your place. To prepare, nothing better than “light up” your fitness with my LIT - Lucilia Intensivo Training workout.

Shine on your first street race

It's part of the uniform: get a headlamp next to the kit

Shine on your first street race

Start training to align yourself in this light start

Shine on your first street race

Participating in this effect already provokes another, and very stimulating, for you to engage in street racing

Shine on your first street race

All inscriptions help illuminate the nights of needy communities around the world

Watch the video of the event disclosure.

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