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Shall we bargain?

  •  August 13, 2020

If children do not eat healthy foods, bargain. Campaign recommends exchanging bits of questionable food for healthy. And without hiding the gimmick, you get great results.

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It is not easy to make children eat broccoli.

Well, not even adults like vegetables very much.

However, little ones have no choice.

After all, in this age group natural foods are essential for their development.

On the other hand, there are plenty of harmful products for children's health.

A creative campaign can help parents in this mission.

The American ice cream brand Ore-Ida created Potato Pay.

The translation would be something like "potato pay".

This is a negotiation in which children agree to eat healthy foods.

In return, they get some chips - preferably from the brand.

In addition to television advertising, a website was developed.

In it, parents are introduced to the logic of this advantageous exchange.

And also the table that determines the value assigned to the food in question.

Easy changes are equivalent, like a carrot for a potato chip.

When the level of demand rises, brokerage adapts.

A brussel sprout is worth four chips, and a portion of tofu, five.

The iconic broccoli is worth three potatoes, the same as a mushroom.

In play, children also learn the basics of economics.

See bargain table

Watch the video that explains the campaign.

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