Shadow Productivity

  •  May 28, 2020

Shadow Productivity

To make career progress, you have to shine. And not just with its own light. Working away from the window takes almost an hour of sleep a night. This impairs your productivity and threatens your quality of life.

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Forget hot milk or a pretty boring book. To sleep like a baby, the secret is where you sit at work. Research shows that those who work in offices with no windows or little exposure to sunlight have an average of 46 minutes less sleep per night.

In addition to productivity, sleep problems can lead to many health problems, such as obesity and diabetes, as well as compromising longevity.

Another finding from the study, published in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, was that those who sit by the window have continuous sleep and a better quality of life than those deprived of exposure to natural light.

That's because the work environment has a big effect on our biological clock. According to scientists, this is proof that corporate architectural design can improve or worsen the physical and mental health of workers.

In order to advance your career without harming a good night's sleep, try to be guided by things, and more enlightened people. Even if you don't have a window around, the peace of mind it brings helps a lot.

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