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Sexy, smart and home

  •  April 15, 2021

Stereotypes no longer surprise us. Until surprising. According to a British university study, sexy clothes make women perceived as smarter and more faithful.

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It seems that stereotypes about women are changing.

At least that is what emerges from a study published by the University of Bedfordshire (England).

The research contrasts with previous investigations into the sexualization of women's clothing.

The scientists observed the reaction of 64 volunteers when exposed to images of a model wearing a top, jacket and miniskirt and then wearing a blouse and long skirt.

The volunteers rated their perception of the model's intelligence, fidelity, personality, honesty, desire and employability.

According to the study's authors, Rachael Worrell and Alfredo Gaitan, contrary to the predicted sexy look garnered the greatest impressions of intelligence and fidelity.

The garment did not alter the impressions regarding the other parameters.

Have customs changed so much that people no longer make negative judgments about a female costume?

To Dr. Gaitan, "There are still negative attitudes, but maybe people are seeing the sexy look more positively."

In another study by St. Andrews University, researchers found that we tend to rate beautiful people as smarter, and this may impact their judgment of their ability to tackle tasks.

The findings highlight how aesthetic standards influence how we evaluate people - and how we are evaluated, of course.

Taking care of health can lead us to be fit and vain is part of every woman's nature.

But we must face all this effort in order to be happy.

The beauty of life comes from there.

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