Santa Claus exists, just believe it

  •  April 9, 2020

Santa Claus exists, just believe it

It's not easy for anyone. And even more for those who do not believe. To lift the mood and give wings to the Christmas spirit, the Canadian airline fulfills the wishes of the passengers while they are flying. The result you have to watch.

It has nothing to do with a key ring or an extra cereal bar. To present its passengers this Christmas, West Jet did not want to know the cost. The management of the Canadian company set only one goal: that it be unforgettable. “This year, the idea was to do something that has never been done before,” said Richard Bartrem, the company's vice president of communications. And they did it.

Since August, 175 volunteers from the aviator's workers have been planning the operation, which involved working at two airports, some technology and a lot of fantasy, with the presence of Santa Claus “in person” - properly dressed in blue, the color of the company.

And the Christmas miracle happened. Just as it should be, without anyone waiting. The lucky ones were all 250 passengers on two Calgary-Toronto air bridge flights, both cities of Canada. And what happened? 19 hidden cameras filmed the entire scene. We can't spoil the surprise, which in itself is a Christmas present for those watching the video below. What are you waiting for?

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