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Sabotaging the regime itself

  •  August 13, 2020

Sabotaging the regime itself

We can try as hard as we can, but all the work may be in vain. Unknowingly, there are behaviors that sabotage any attempt at a successful regime. Find out the reasons why your diet may be going wrong.

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Starting a diet is one thing - sticking to it is another five hundred. We have seen that 95% of us succumb to the same pounds as before. And unfortunately, see you later. The reason for the known concertina effect is the unsuccessful attempts to lose weight.

In addition to the difficulty in resisting temptation, there are behaviors that unknowingly sabotage our attempts. Knowing what they are helps us avoid gaining extra pounds when all we want to do is get rid of them.

Everything or nothing

Radicalizing is never good. When we internalize that “it goes or splits,” we have before us two alternatives: starving or overdoing it. The longer we live between extremes, the more we are exposed to failure. To get away from this short term thinking, the tip is to focus on balance.

The lost weekend

Sometimes when we go overboard on Friday, we imagine the weekend is already lost. This inevitably leads to a huge sense of guilt that lasts until Monday. The idea is to face each meal independently of the other. Did you eat too much at dinner? It's no use starving the next day. Just follow the plan which, in addition to restraint, includes physical activities.

Face the long run

A marriage or meeting with the old class can motivate you to lose weight quickly. However, as soon as the event passes, the tendency is to regain the lost weight. These short-term goals produce the concertina effect. It is difficult to maintain an eating restriction for a few periods, which leads to constant disappointments that will undermine your willpower.

There is no “forbidden food”

When we classify a food as "forbidden," the tendency is, in succumbing to its temptation, to "sink the foot into the jackfruit." Facing calorie foods as they really are, without exaggeration, is the best way to handle the issue. One strategy is to fit that slice of cake into your diet. As? Doing where. For example, tasting it after a run. Practicing negative math, where you spend the most calories you consume, can be a way of allowing yourself small prizes.

Little sleep

Sleep deprivation changes the way our brain responds to food stimulation. Judgment and decision making become difficult and compromised. People eat more when they sleep less. Not to mention the deregulation of the internal clock, which ends up reflecting in the balance.

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