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Running to be happy

  •  May 28, 2020

Want to be happy? Tie the sneakers and go running. New study reveals that people who run are generally happier than the rest of the population.

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Physical inactivity and its consequences, such as weight gain, is a matter of public health.

For this reason, the actions of governments in their solution are more than expected.

However, what is most charged are investments in hospitals.

More effective may be acting to avoid reaching this point.

One such initiative is Parkrun.

These are weekly 5km races held in UK parks.

The events are free and involve participants in physical activity with companionship.

New research has found that race participants are happier than the rest of the population.

The study was done by Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland).

It was accompanied by 8,000 people who completed Parkrun.

As a result, 89% felt that it made them happier.

And 80% said the activity motivated them to exercise during the week.

Happiness was measured by the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, which uses a scale from one (unhappy) to six (extremely happy).

In this index, the participants obtained an average of 4.4.

In comparison, the average general population score is 4.

We already know that exercise creates a sense of reward and well-being in the body - read more here.

But beyond the biological effect, the company of others seems to exert influence.

Added to this is the short distance, traveled without competition, just fun.

Thus, the elements of this "happiness formula" become evident.

How about trying a little to see if it works?

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