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Revolution on two wheels

  •  November 26, 2020

The revolution on two wheels

To develop the perfect bike, American NGO promotes design contest. By knowing the five projects, we can see the future coming on two wheels.

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do not change the team thats winning, right? For the Oregon's Manifest organization's goal is exactly to question this thinking when trying to complete the perfect bike design.

For this, it promotes contests between designers and artisans. After a three-year hiatus, the Bike Design Project is being reissued in 2014. Five teams participate in this contest, representing the cities where the skinny one is most used as transportation in the United States (Portland, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Seattle).

No drawing. As the requirement of the contest is that only real bids compete, we can see five real ideas, where the prize goes not only to the best subject. This is because the winning design should be produced on a large scale, making cycling even more enjoyable and popular. So everyone wins.

Now the projects are voting online until August 3rd - click here to find out and choose the best one.

Check out the projects that compete for the title of best bike.


Revolution on two wheels

The idea that represents Chicago honors mobility and the city. Named Black Line, the same name as the city's high-rail train system, it was developed by design studio Minimal in partnership with local manufacturer Method Bicycle. Check out the video presentation of this proposal.

New York

The revolution on two wheels

The project that represents New York impresses with what we cannot see. Developed by Pensa Studio, in partnership with the manufacturer Horse Bikes, the differentials of the model named Merge are embedded in the bike frame. Check out the following video presentation, where the city steals the scene.


The revolution on two wheels

The Portland (Oregon) proposal was called Solid. In addition to design, the Industry Team-created bicycle and Ty Cycles workforce “work” with an app that tracks the information generated on the route and in use. An example of its functionality is that the handlebar levers vibrate when you must turn right or left on a registered path. It is also possible to register the places visited and share everything on social networks. Check out the usage demo in the following video.

San Francisco

The revolution on two wheels

EVO is the creation of the Huge Design studio in partnership with 4130 Cycle Works. Its differential is the adaptable platforms, both front and rear, that allow you to carry many things - including the baby. Check out the proposal in the following video.


the revolution on two wheels

The model that represents Seattle is Denny, developed by Teague Studio, in partnership with Sizemore Bicycle. This is perhaps the most revolutionary. The handlebars, although quite weird, prove versatile to guide and lock the skinny one. Check out more details in the following video.

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