Reheating the microwave energy

  •  March 28, 2020

Reheating the microwave energy

Have you ever imagined using the microwave oven to recharge your cell phone battery? And still do that while reheating the leftovers from yesterday's dinner?

If you depend on a group of researchers from the Tokyo University, it will soon be possible. Led by engineer Yoshihiro Kawahara, the team designed a machine that collects and recycles the energy the microwave wastes while it is being used.

This collector works relatively simply: it has an antenna that picks up excess dissipated energy and channels it to other devices. For example, to your downloaded mobile phone.


However, it must be said that invention has not yet left the laboratory. In the initial tests, a microwave running for 2 minutes generated enough power to set a kitchen timer for just a few minutes.

But if further development of this technology will greatly help to reduce carbon emissions on the planet without any additional effort.

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