Refined flavor

  •  September 20, 2020

Refined flavor

When I say you should eat with all your senses, it's no joke. It never was, and less and less, the smile of incredulous irony on his face is replaced by one of pure sensory pleasure. In an unprecedented experiment, scientists prove that hearing directly influences taste. And it's not your stomach growling.

With a busy life, we eat in a hurry. Then we enjoy nothing and lose track of quantity. The result is predictable. With the senses off, we gain weight. And the opposite also works: Eating slowly, paying attention and chewing your food well is a good way to lose weight.

Especially when we put our senses, beyond taste, to work. In a partnership, London's Fat Duck restaurant and the University of Oxford developed a very interesting experiment. For the first time, it has been proven that taste can be altered and “modulated” if exposed to specific sounds. Experience has made a food bitter and then sweet. Working on these sound frequencies, the study's suggestion is that we are able, by listening to ambient music, to consciously modulate the flavors during a meal.

Make you the test. Put a piece of chocolate in your mouth and listen to the following tracks, which were created especially for the study. It is possible to do the experiment with a cup of coffee. At first, focus and preferably use a headset. You should notice how, with the first lane, the candy should get more intense. And then, as the bitter notes of cocoa will become more intense.



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