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Real Life Princesses

Real Life Princesses
  •  April 6, 2020

British cartoonist David Trumble, who is always critical of his work, portrays as "Disney princesses" women of great influence. The idea is to provide children with more inspiring - and less futile - examples from childhood.

Children learn early on that "beauty sets the table." Because they are beautiful and perfect, the image of Disney princesses reinforces the predominance of physical appearance over other qualities. With this, a rigid aesthetic standard is consolidated among girls, becoming a predominant issue in their very young lives. As a result, we see the anguish of staying fashionable and fit, often through methods that undermine your physical and mental health.

By choosing 10 female personalities of all time, the artist hopes to inspire the parents of these children to awaken - and change while they can - this reality. Among the “real life princesses”, the quality that stands out is the nobility of their life examples. Among those chosen are Anne Frank, Hillary Clinton and Rosa Parks.

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10 Disney Princesses In Real Life - REAL MERIDA!!! (April 2020)