Real friends?

  •  August 13, 2020

Best friends forever? Maybe you should reconsider your friendships. Especially after climbing the scale. Study reveals that physical inactivity is contagious. And the culprits are the closest people.

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Do you feel lazy?

According to a new study, it's your friends' fault.

The research was done by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (France).

Apparently, other people's behavior can influence personality traits such as laziness and impatience.

And it happens without anyone noticing.

To reach this conclusion, tests were conducted with 56 people.

In them, participants had to make decisions involving risks, delays and efforts.

As a result, the volunteers changed the answers after learning of the answers given by fictional characters.

The understanding is that we unconsciously imitate the attitudes of those around us.

Mainly the closest circle of friendships, which includes the “BFF” and family.

The discovery is a surprise as it was believed to be these unique person-to-person traits.

"These personality traits drive most of our daily decisions, made from negotiations between the prospect of reward and costs, such as risk and effort."

The statement is from one of the authors, Dr. Jean Daunizeau.

What is surprising is that these seemingly unique behaviors "are so volatile and prone to the influence of others."

These subconscious attitude changes can be among the many factors that contribute to the natural alignment of collective human behaviors.

A phenomenon known as “herd behavior”.

It is still unclear how this kind of contagious attitude compares to other forms of feedback or pressure from others.

Or how behaviors can change if their people become aware.

For these reasons, scientists have stated that more research is needed.

However, they point out that the results are not intended to discourage friendships.

But it certainly will not hurt people to surround themselves with others whose attitudes they admire.

The study was published in the scientific journal PLOS Computational Biology.

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