Reading novels makes us more open minded

  •  April 5, 2020

Reading novels makes us more open minded

Reading novels makes us better and unprejudiced people. So says a recent research conducted by the University of Toronto with 100 volunteers, which were divided into two reading groups.

One was provided science fiction books by authors such as Wallace Stegner and Jean Stafford, while the other group read essays on science, beauty, literature, or behavior (from authors like Freud or Burroughs). After reading, both groups underwent psychological assessments to gauge the certainty and stability they liked. Those who read the novels seemed more open to ambiguity and uncertainty.

According to the research people, reading novels gets you into another world and opens your head. This allows you to know and question other realities, but without the need to make decisions, to be certain about controversial issues.

How books can open your mind | Lisa Bu (April 2020)