Rage fat

  •  April 10, 2020

Rage fat

It is even predictable. Annoyed, busy and late, we get angry. Then we discount where we should be least: on the plate. Study shows that, with the pressure of everyday life, we lose track. Everything is urgent, and the body does not help at all. That is, the head gets hot, and the sufferer is the balance.

The explanation is that in anger our perception changes. If we are happy, we think long term. With “blood in our eyes”, we think everything is urgent. And some reward has to come soon - and in large quantities.

So you are much more likely to face a pizza or hamburger when you are in a bad mood. That's what the University of Delaware (United States) experts say. Research says that when we are well, we choose to use the lighter options.

Researchers also found that positive people also like the idea of ​​staying healthy in old age. This suggests that the rising mood makes people worry more about the future.

To get away from fast food, the trick is to act before anxiety comes. I recommend my own "medicine", meditation. It is the detox of the mind when I can “turn off the engine” for a few minutes.

Another important ritual is tea time. Putting the water to heat, separating the herbs, making the infusion and, finally, serving itself, besides being a relaxing task, guarantees a drink with proven therapeutic and medicinal properties that only help. It can be black, green or white tea. Close your eyes while holding the cup with both hands. And take it easy, that everything will get better.

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