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Rackets make you live longer

  •  April 10, 2020

Yes, exercises make us live longer. Now a new study in Germany reveals which modalities are most effective in securing this benefit.

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The connection between physical activity and longevity is clear.

But there has always been the doubt in which to invest the effort.

Now a study has investigated the most beneficial modalities.

The research was done by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany).

It was accompanied by 80,306 people, with an average age of 52 years, for nine years.

Periodically, the volunteers answered about how much they had moved.

And in what modality and with what intensity.

As a result, those who played tennis had a 47% lower mortality from cardiovascular complications.

Second place went to swimmers (28%).

Aerobics (27%) and cyclists (15%) followed.

That is, if you only have the chance to commit to one of them, I recommend buying a racket.

The study was published in the journal British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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