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Racing show

  •  May 28, 2020

Imagine finishing a race in front of a rock concert, exclusive for those who managed to finish the race. This is the Rolling Stone Music Run, which takes place on November 24th.

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There is no monthly fee.

Much less changing rooms or mirrors that charge us.

And it happens outdoors, which is good for health, fitness and even for making friends.

For all this, those who practice street racing deserve a prize.

Or rather a party.

That's exactly what the Rolling Stone Music Run promises on May 19th in Sao Paulo.

The event features disputes at distances of 5km and 10km.

And also a three kilometer walk.

The first race starts at 19h.

Arrival is at the Sambadrome, where the Rolling Stone Arena will be set up.

Those who complete the exams attend an exclusive show on site.

This time, the presents are the Paralamas do Sucesso.

For refreshment, it has open beer bar.

Beer after physical exertion?

For this may be the best option at this time - read more here.

So run!

Secure your registration now on the event's official website - click here.

Who completes the race watches an exclusive show

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