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Race between friends

  •  April 10, 2020

Now that's them. Here comes the first half marathon for women only. And you can split the course between friends, and take the race on a relay team.

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No monthly fees, no disapproving looks, no stress.

Because it is so democratic and free, running is the fastest growing sport in the world.

And the benefits go far beyond the toned body.

Practice improves mood and sleep quality.

Strengthens the heart, stimulates reasoning and memory.

And it makes you live up to nine more years - see more here.

For those who practice, there is always the time to ask if it is not time to take a test.

The answer may lie in the Girls on the Route race.

The race is a female relay half marathon.

The most experienced can run alone (21.1 km).

Those who are in intermediate level can face the race in pairs (about 10 km each).

And beginners can form quartets, just over 5 km for each.

In São Paulo, the route will be as pleasant as possible, in the region of Ibirapuera Park.

The arena will be set up before the obelisk, where the transitions will take place.

Cheered up?

The race will take place on May 21, Sunday, starting at 7 am.

Register on the official site - click here.

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