Protect against jellyfish

  •  September 20, 2020

If you are planning a vacation in the Mediterranean, or even on the beaches here, be aware that protection from the threat from above can be extended to one that comes from the sea. The first sunscreen that prevents jellyfish attacks has arrived.

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The sun burns, but the jellyfish burns more.

Against this danger, which comes when we are most unarmed and unprotected, Safe Sea is being launched.

A Spanish product tailor-made for a common danger on the beaches of the Mediterranean, Safe Sea is the only sunscreen that avoids the detrimental effects of the jellyfish's "our" jellyfish tentacles.

The threat is so great that 31% of Spaniards change their travel plans in fear of this maritime encounter.

So I will not hide how happy I was to find the product in the shop of the ship with which I travel the beaches of Côte D'Azur and Italy.

The composition of the Safe Sea line, which offers SPF 30 and 50, incorporates a unique substance that acts as an inhibitor of the jellyfish defense mechanism.

This avoids the sting caused by the contact of its tentacles with human skin, and the inoculation of the poison into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

In addition to this benefit, the protector promises to stay on the skin for up to 80 minutes of water activity.

To find the cream and spray versions with options for children and athletes, you can order who will travel to Europe.

Or try to buy via online, like on Amazon's website - click here.

safe sea

Safe Sea: the only sunscreen line that avoids the ills of contact with jellyfish

Watch the following video how the protector works - select subtitles in Portuguese.

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