Productive dreams

  •  April 5, 2020

Productive dreams

Counting sheep? Still under study, the prototype sleep mask that controls sleep has been launched. And it still promises to make its wearer a more creative and productive person.

The NeuroOn mask was created in Poland by medical student Kamil Adamczyk. Through sensors, the device collects electromagnetic information from the brain to distinguish what happens to sleep from those who use it while sleeping. The idea is, even if unconscious, to make it possible to manipulate the whole process. When we sleep, we experience two sleep patterns: first the REM, which adds up to 15% of the total and, after a while, the NREM. It turns out that the most restful state occurs at the beginning. That is, to increase the REM period you have to “start” to sleep several times. This is called polyphasic sleep.

It is a step sleep, built by little naps taken throughout the day. For example, it might be a 30-minute nap every 6 hours - at its most extreme version. This is a controversial subject that still needs scientific confirmation, as sleep deprivation is detrimental to maintaining good health. Polyphasic sleep is practiced by dynamic, multi-tasking personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and Winston Churchill, their most famous supporters. Since they were creative men who left a great legacy, it has since been believed that the habit is ideal for increasing productivity.

The idea of ​​the invention is to "warn" who wears the mask at what stage of sleep she is in, to decide whether to wake up or not. Presented on the Kickstarter website, which brings collaborators to get projects off the ground, it quickly gained fans. So much so that the goal of raising about 200,000 reais (£ 61,000) was achieved in just one day. The NeuronOn inventor states that with the mask it will also be possible to interfere with the process of "lucid dreaming". This subject was once a story on our site - see.

See the images of the invention that will soon be available for sale.

The mask inventor

Polish student Kamil Adamczyk, inventor of NeuroOn

Sleep patterns

Sleep Patterns Studied

Schematic of the mask

The Mask Inside - Design

The device viewed from within

The device seen before being inserted into the mask

Mask Details

Details of the invention - coming to market soon

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