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Practically fit

  •  September 20, 2020

Practically fit

To many, the idea of ​​a diet seems easier to envision. But new study recommends that to reduce measures, exercise works better than closing your mouth. Because the opposite has already caused too much harm. It is the practice that leads to fitness.

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To lose weight, there are people who do the math. And betting on adding fewer calories to the dish is better than spending excess on the gym. It is time to review this concept.

Research from the Stanford University School of Medicine (US) indicates a strong relationship between rising obesity cases and a drop in the time Americans spend exercising over the past 22 years. The team of scientists analyzed data from the national health system collected between 1988 and 2010.

The most striking finding was the drastic reduction in exercise time. In just over 20 years, the percentage of adults who reported no activity increased from 19% to 52% among women, and from 11% to 43% among men. In the same period, cases of obesity increased from 25% to 35% among women, and from 20% to 35% among men.

The study's surprise is that no variation in daily calorie intake was found.

“We can't say that calories don't count, but the study's message is that we have to look closely at physical exercise,” says Dr. Uri Ladabaum, the lead professor, which will be published in the issue of august American Journal of Medicine.

Fitness: Practically Fit! Ep. 1 - Form (September 2020)