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Popularity Cycle

  •  May 28, 2020

Popularity cycle

Photographing and posting dishes on social networks is no longer so exciting. The strategy may be to share in other formats. The #glorybowl hashtag brings together images of beautiful, healthy bowls that attract more and more likes.

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Among the Trending Topics of the moment is the hashtag #glorybowl.

The name does not correspond to any religious movement. But it is possible to idenfy the existence of a cult.

It is associated with photos of any meal served in bowls, which are becoming increasingly popular with foodies.

As the most beautiful and colorful images correspond to the healthiest recipes, the trend has gained fans among those seeking to eliminate weight through dietary re-education.

Can the way food is served influence table choices?

For breakfast, bowls feature fruits, smoothies, chia, lactose-free milk, seeds, nuts and yogurt, filling your eyes with different and beautifully appetizing colors and textures.

At lunchtime they can combine lentils, brown rice, cooked vegetables, shredded chicken, grilled fruits.

At dinner they come to the table accommodating portions, sometimes of light broths, sometimes of substantial soups. How about trying?

For this you will need to make healthy choices and bet on nutrient diversity. A good day is to gather ingredients from the most colorful fruits, leaves and vegetables.

Another is to choose bowls of different and even formats. Then just take the picture, choose the filter and shine.

For inspiration, here are some #glorybowl images.


No bowl: Green leafy salad, tofu and almonds from @fraichenutrition


No bowl: Fresh quinoa, milk, blueberries and nectarinesProfile @ liz.swain.77

bowl african

No bowl: mango, coconut, strawberry and raisin smoothie from @african_rawr

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