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Polenta straw

  •  April 9, 2020

Polenta is one of the most appreciated recipes in countries that have received Italian immigrants. But oddly enough, it doesn't have to be "heavy" as tradition suggests. Learn how to serve this delight differently - with video.

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It may be for the taste that resembles childhood dishes.

Or for the practicality of the preparation.

The truth is that cornmeal is one of those foods that are not lacking at home.

With the ingredient are made fattening delights, such as cake and fried polenta.

To get away from these extra calories, I created a lightweight version of tomato ragout polenta.

The following recipe yields eight servings, with 120.4 Kcal each.

Miscellaneous Trivial: Polenta Straw

trivial miscellaneous polenta straw


1 cup sifted cornmeal
800 ml chicken broth
1 small grated onion
3 chopped seedless skinless tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
1 sprig of basil
1 tablespoon olive oil

Method of preparation

In a pan, brown the onion with half the olive oil.
Add the chicken stock.
Then add the cornmeal, stirring constantly.
Let it cook until it comes off the bottom of the pan.
Put in a deep bowl.
Level with a spatula and let cool.
In another pan make the tomato sauce by placing the remaining olive oil.
Add the garlic, tomatoes and basil.
Season with salt and cook for three minutes.
With a small rim cut the polenta portions.
Use a smaller rim to extract the core from each portion.
Fill the polenta straws with the tomato sauce.
Garnish with basil leaves.
Serve immediately.

Check out the video below the step by step of this recipe.

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