Pocket chef

  •  May 28, 2020

Pocket chef

On the one hand, people with doubts about preparing a dish. On the other, chefs with time to clarify them. To bring the two ends together, startup creates an app that puts kitchen professionals to help you rock recipes.

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The idea is as simple as it is brilliant.

If you have trouble following a recipe, the Talk to Chef app puts you in front of a kitchen professional to answer your questions.

Developed by a startup in San Francisco (United States), the app is very easy to use.

Just select the type of cuisine or diet you want to know about. From there, a platform partner chef who is available at that time appears on your smartphone screen.

In real time, the professional follows your steps, recommends recipes or ways of preparation.

At the end of the consultation, you are invited to evaluate the service.

And you only pay for help if the tip works.

However, system developers encourage tipping, ranging from $ 0.50 per minute, or $ 30 per hour.

As compensation, the startup gets 15% of the amount paid.

The app is still in the testing phase. That's why the app is only available for iOS - click here to download.

Check out the following video how the system works.

Pocket Chef iPhone Gameplay Video Review - AppSpy.com (May 2020)