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  •  April 6, 2020

We all know that food provides energy. What is amazing is that you can see through artistic experience one of the reasons why this happens. With colorful works and a lot of utopia, artist reveals how fruits and vegetables can light lamps.

While in school, Caleb Charland was fascinated by his experience in science class. Before his eyes, copper wires tied to nails and inserted into a potato lit a small lamp. This is because chemicals in potatoes (plus some vegetables and fruits) can be converted into energy and generate electricity. As an adult, American artist Caleb created the Back to Light series.

His work is a tribute to the ageless curiosity. And it serves as a reminder of the ever-imminent energy and fuel crisis, which makes the search for alternative sources a constant necessity. But it can also be viewed as simply beautiful and fascinating.

Here's this utopia of energy foods in action.


Battery made with apples


The experience with lemons and limes


Chain Reaction - Apples


Battery made with vinegar


Grapefruit and pomelo, citrus fruits we don't have in Brazil


Solar system made with fruits


Utopia: energy provided by fruits in household objects


Apple trees and apples on foot light lamp

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