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Pilates in the socket

  •  May 28, 2020

Pilates in the socket

Do you find pilates too slow and aerobic somewhat accelerated? The instructor solution in Los Angeles was to bring the two together. Get to know the sport that has received the name of "cardiopilates".

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Pilates is a method of muscle development created in the 1920s.

Basically, its low impact exercises and few repetitions provide results and less joint wear.

For a long time, the practice remained restricted to a few initiates until it gained popularity in the 2000s.

As the movements are made in their own time, some of the enthusiasts decided to change the pace of the classes.

From there, a new form of fitness emerged: the cardiopilates.

Among the creators of this stream is Andrea Speir.

Andrea, a former instructor of movie stars, has modernized pilates' appeal by including aerobic routines in the system - with changes even to equipment called the "reformer."

From her studio in Santa Monica, with just eight seats per class, this Californian woman has gained fame with the idea.

The reformer Andrea modified has a kind of trampoline.

With no wear on the joints, the device offers greater calorie burning.

The 50-minute classes include ground exercises, weights, rubber bands, and resistance tapes.

That's when your heart rate goes up, with burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, and heels, using weights.

But not so much; Although vigorous, the classes do not cause pain or exhaustion.

For now, Andrea's method has not become a franchise, like orange theory and Soul Cycle.

With this, she circulates herself among the students, correcting postures and recommending not to observe others.

This is "your" class, as he explained to the newspaper LA Times.

The first session costs 25 dollars (about 90 reais). From there, prices go up and packages are available.

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