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Photogenic Menu

  •  August 13, 2020

Photographing the food in the restaurant, who ever? Admittedly, some face embarrassment. And some repress out of pure envy. To solve the problem and help improve the photos (and the likes), restaurant offers "menu-Instagram".

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Everyone has already posted a foodie photo.

Or at least clicked one.

So called photographs taken of dishes in restaurants.

Certainly, this is embarrassing.

The food there, getting cold, while not finding the perfect angle.

And the scolding glances from every table.

Unless the entire restaurant is ready for this moment.

In London, the restaurant chain Dirty Bones now offers a foodie kit.

Just settle into a table and ask the waiter.

Immediately, the staff bring you portable LED light, a wide-angle lens, a tripod and a selfie stick.


In addition to helping photos get better, the network also thinks about likes.

Therefore, it constantly updates the menu to offer the most photogenic dishes.

I have a feeling that such a place would be hugely successful here.

Sure enough, just wait.

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