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Peace at home comes from the gym

  •  September 23, 2020

Tired of arguing with your partner? Already to the gym. According to new study, couples who burn a certain number of calories a day with exercise fight less.

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In a fight between husband and wife, better not put the spoon.

Maybe the dumbbells help?

According to a new study, working out helps solve marital crises.

The research was done by Central University of Florida (United States).

Researchers tracked participants' sleep patterns and daytime physical movements.

And they found that people who recorded an average of 10,900 steps / day argue less than those who recorded less than seven thousand.

According to Professor Shannon Taylor, one of the authors, people take home what they spend at work.

If they are badly treated or insulted, they will reproduce the same behavior at home.

Cycling, swimming, jogging, or going to the gym, followed by a good night's sleep, are the best ways to stop people from taking home their frustrations.

In numbers, burning 587 calories has this soothing power.

This goal can be achieved with an hour of swimming or a brisk 90-minute walk.

It is obvious that the benefit will only be gained if they both face the workout.

Otherwise, there will be one more reason for disagreement.

The commitment to face the academy, therefore, must follow the oath taken at the altar.

The study was published in the scientific journal Journal of Applied Psychology.