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Paying for a living

  •  March 28, 2020

Paying for a living

Those who work know how hard it is to pay the bills. And you have realized that we are experiencing a time of rising inflation. But before you complain, check out the list of cities where you put your hand in your pocket. You will see that you are even in profit.

The Expatistan website is a cost of living calculator. Its function is to provide information to expatriates (people who move from their countries for a variety of reasons) to make it easier for them to choose a destination that could be their new home.

In this online tool, economic data from over 1,500 cities around the world were registered. With it we can know, for example, that the price of a meal in London, in a restaurant in the financial district, costs about $ 52. In Sao Paulo, $ 27. In Caracas, capital of Venezuela, costs 5 reais.

The price index that organizes the ranking (Price Index) was calculated as follows. One of the most stable cities was taken as an example. The chosen one was Prague (capital and largest city of the Czech Republic), for which it was assigned the index 100. When all other cities were compared, it was possible to reach the precise number. In this case, Sao Paulo (whose Price Index is 138) is 38% more expensive than Prague. And London is 180 times higher (Price Index 280).

With the information gathered, a ranking of the most expensive cities in the world was assembled. Taking the above examples, we know that London is the champion, the largest city in Brazil occupies the 106th position and Caracas is the cheapest of all 206 that make up the table. A curiosity is Rio de Janeiro, which figures as 71st (Brasília is the 125th). As it is collaboratively stocked, currently by 300 people worldwide, the site is always up to date.

The 20 Most Expensive Cities in the World

1. London, England

2. Oslo, Norway

3. Geneva, Switzerland

4. Zurich, Switzerland

5. New York City, USA

6. Lausanne, Switzerland

7. Singapore, Singapore

8. Paris, France

9. San Francisco, USA

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

11. Sydney, Australia

12. Hong Kong, China

13. Brisbane, Australia

14. The Hague, Netherlands

15. Stockholm, Sweden

16. Honolulu, USA

17. Amsterdam, Netherlands

18. Melbourne, Australia

19. Tokyo, Japan

20. Washington D.C., USA

To browse the interactive map, click here to go to the Expatistan website.

Paying for a living

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