Overcoming the disposable taste

  •  August 13, 2020

Enough of falsehood. France is the first country in the world to ban plastic cutlery, plates and glasses, which should no longer be used by 2020. If the reason is ecological, the gastronomic pleasure thanks.

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With busy daily life, the mall's food courts replaced the home dining table.

The alternative is the delivery of the same options and the frozen ones.

From then on, Humanity came to live with the uniform taste, loaded with sodium and other flavor and preservation agents.

And with abominable plastic disposable utensils.

These instruments can even break the branch.

But they will surely break in the process - in this case without metaphors.

In addition to symbolizing a kind of nutrition decay, the issue is also ecological.

The manufacture of these items emits CO2 and other gases into the atmosphere.

In the United States alone, the shape, transportation, and recycling of these materials produces gases equivalent to a fleet of 1.3 million cars in a year.

Not to mention that each plastic cup can take over 100 years to decompose.

In a new law passed by the French government, French restaurants have a deadline to ban plastic cutlery, glasses and plates.

The deadline for everyone to meet the requirement is 2020.

The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacture of the items.

And the waste generated after its use.

In France alone 4.7 billion plastic cups are discarded each year - and only 1% of them are recyclable.

But the absolute end of these objects cannot be fully celebrated.

Under the new law, disposable appliances for sale from 2020 are expected to be biodegradable.

And have in its composition 50% of materials of plant origin.

These materials include cornstarch, potato starch, textile or vegetable fibers (cellulose or bamboo).

Thus, the effort removes from the market the most toxic to the environment.

And it offers more expensive models, which should also restrict their use.

Can this measure make us overcome our disposable taste and eat healthier?

In some ways, there are signs that yes.

If it is considered an advance, we can only wait here for the measure to arrive.

And, as some things are never discarded, from their controversy.

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